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Youth Welcome At YARD – NGO Targets 13-23-Y-O Youngsters At Risk

The recently launched non-governmental organisation (NGO), Youth For Arts & Recreational Development (YARD), aimed at helping at-risk youth, will have a fundraiser on Sunday. It's a remount of David Tulloch's 2012 drama Wine & Roses. The play is about the intimate relationship between Carol, a 45-year-old businesswoman, and Jonathan, head boy at a high school, [...]

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Actress Iris “Terri” Salmon launches YARD

LAST Wednesday, actress Iris “Terri” Salmon launched YARD (Youth for Arts and Recreational Development) Empire, a non-profit organisation which aims to empower youth at risk, particularly boys, from ages 13 to 23 years old. The occasion — attended by government ministers and members of the entertainment fraternity — was held at the Blue Room at [...]

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Actor creates YARD for at-risk boys

Convinced that there is a need to rescue at-risk youths, especially boys, Iris 'Terri' Salmon has been leading a mission to help persons ages 13 to 23 to recognise that there is a star within them that should be allowed to shine. Salmon last week launched the Youth for Arts and Recreational Development (YARD) Empire [...]

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Terri Salmon brings at risk youths to YARD

Iris 'Terri' Salmon launched YARD Empire Wednesday evening at the Blue Room at Phoenix Theatre. The non-profit organisation aims to empower at risk youths, particularly boys, from ages 13 to 23 years old. YARD is the acronym for Youth For Arts and Recreational Development and Salmon will serve as its first president, with chartered accountant Orville Hill [...]

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World Premier Workshop – Week 3

Feb 18, 2017 Music Music was the first order of the day. Students from the Edna Manley College had volunteered their time to the cause. The gentlemen were first taught the four basic sounds on the drum in playing the "Jembe" rhythm. These were base, open, close and temple. The basic "Rasta" rhythm was then introduced then [...]

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World Premier Workshop – Week 1

Dance – Mr. Watson The gentlemen were told that dance is an expression of self and an independent thought.  He mentioned retro dancing, Ska, “Rent-A-Tile” and Waltz from the slavery time. A comparison was made to drawing.  Mr. Watson convinced the gentlemen that when one says they cannot dance or cannot draw it’s because they [...]

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