Assistance to The G.O.J Division of Gender Affairs. In 2017 and 2018, Y.A.R.D. Empire participated in  events for the observances of International Women’s Day and Violence Against Women.  Also participated in a seminar on the role of Men in the Community as part of an International Men’s Day community programme.

• YARD Empire  performed items at the Majesty Garden’s  Transformation Fellowship Church as part of the International Men’s Day observances, 2017


Involvement with  the Jamaican Theatre Industry

  • By providing sponsored tickets to over five genres of theatrical productions including 2017 Pantomime, Jambiz Productions and Jamaica Folk Singers 2017 performance. (Click here for Photo Highlights)
  • As lecturers for workshops.

The gift of YARD EMPIRE’s Theme Song “RISE”  which was written, composed and produced by David Tulloch.

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