Y.A.R.D. EMPIRE (YOUTH FOR ARTS & RECREATIONAL DEVELOPMENT) is a not-for-profit, charitable, non-government organization incorporated under the Companies Act of Jamaica and registered as a Limited Liability Company on the 28th June 2016. As of November 17, 2016,  YARD was certified as an Approved Charitable Organisation under the Jamaica Charities Act, 2013.

YARD EMPIRE utilizes the services of  professionals who are driven by the need to make a contribution to the development of our youth.  The programmes implemented by YARD Empire seek to influence change through participation and exposure through the Performing and Visual Arts with a view to optimize youth potential and thus improve outlook, self-value and the scope for positive re-integration into society.

YARD Empire collaborates and cooperates with all relevant national, regional and international organizations in the planning and effective delivery of its programmes and activities.

YARD believes every youth has greatness within and is prepared to help our Jamaican youth believe in themselves and “RISE” up to their Star…Destiny!
To empower youth-at-risk through culture and the arts, preparing them to be responsible and productive citizens and nation builders.


To build life skills and effect positive behavioural change through training and professional development within the fields of theatre arts, entertainment and recreation.