Dance – Mr. Watson

The gentlemen were told that dance is an expression of self and an independent thought.  He mentioned retro dancing, Ska, “Rent-A-Tile” and Waltz from the slavery time. A comparison was made to drawing.  Mr. Watson convinced the gentlemen that when one says they cannot dance or cannot draw it’s because they are looking at the professionals and comparing themselves to that.  He stated that all lines will create a shape, whether it be vertical or horizontal and anyone who uses the four basic shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and circle) can draw.  They were then asked to stand and put their two hands together, then to make a 90, 45, and 30 degree angles with their hands.  After they did that he explained that movement is a dance.  They were convinced also that even if one is playing football, it’s a dance as you have to move from one side to the other.

Mr. Watson said that usually he has to listen to the words of a song first before he can dance to it.  The gentlemen were asked to put away their chairs and they were introduced to a few martial art moves.  He then played the music and the gentlemen were now seen moving to the beat of the music using martial art moves.

Mr. Watson decided to end on a high note and told the gentlemen that getting up out of their bed every morning is doing a “life” dance.  The song “Happy” was played and all were asked to freestyle to the music since walking or anything is considered a dance.  He explained to them that people don’t just go through life “Just soh” as we all have rhythm in our heads.  He said that it’s like a metaphor which he explained to them was a hidden comparison.

In ending, he said to the gentlemen that a lot of songs have good life lessons and that they should make somebody’s negative their positive.


Grooming – Mr. McKane

Mr. McKane started by comparing grooming to a horse and explained that a horse is usually groomed for riding purposes.  He explained that proper hygiene as it relates to a person is the way one presents themselves.

Mr. McKane informed the gentlemen that grooming takes care of their personal image and is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive.  He said that no matter what they are wearing, they should always look presentable for the occasion as it demonstrates that you have respect for yourself.  He then told them that it wasn’t socially acceptable to groom themselves in public and that they should put themselves together before stepping out.  He stated that fingernails, toenails, care of wardrobe (washing and ironing of clothes) were also included in grooming along with body odor, brushing their teeth, as well as taking a shower.

He explained to the gentlemen that it’s important to maintain a positive image and that it gives a certain impression of you.  He encouraged them to dress for the occasion.  Mr. McKane then said that Body language, whether verbal or nonverbal also has a lot to do with grooming and is very crucial with how you carry yourself.  He believes that body language is part of grooming because it sends messages and you want to send positive messages so you need to carry out the other social norms but it goes hand in hand with grooming.  He then said that maintaining eye contact and body awareness are tips for good communication skills.

Mr. McKane then touched on Etiquette basics.  He explained that good manners is another area that complements grooming since it creates a positive image.  He says its important as it can send the right or wrong message.  He says that one must be polite and if introduced to someone that they should observe their title, stand to introduce themselves or rise when they meet someone.  He then told them that eating also forms under etiquette as this includes how they eat, the proper utensils etc.

Mr. Mckane then challenged the gentlemen to google “Good Etiquette” for our English Jamaicans as he told them that Etiquette comes from a French word meaning ticket.  He then told them that Office Etiquette also falls under grooming as it includes behavior towards the clients and colleague, email etiquette (grammar, spelling, punctuation, on point…) and the way you answer the phone.

He then ended by encouraging the gentlemen to not let it die here and go on the internet and research it.  He told them to have a more positive outlook on life.

Mr. McKane then handed out gift packages of food items to the gentlemen curtesy of Mussons Group of Companies.  He then informed us that the Mussons Group of Companies will now partner with us going forward.  Mr. McKane then made a commitment to provide each of the gentlemen with a personal care package in the near future.


Lunch was served at 1:17pm.


1:35 pm:

Ms. Salmon asked all the gentlemen to write their report on the play they had watched last week and how it has impacted their lives as she will be collecting them individually next week.  The gentlemen were also asked to think about which part of the performing arts they like and if they would like to pursue any as that answer will be required on February 25, 2017.  The session ended by telling the gentlemen that whatever they feel, let it be true from their heart.  They were also encouraged to think about if they can enter theatre and which section of it and Ms. Salmon informed them that she wanted to enter them in the festival for next year.

Concluded at 1:41pm