Feb 18, 2017


Music was the first order of the day. Students from the Edna Manley College had volunteered their time to the cause. The gentlemen were first taught the four basic sounds on the drum in playing the “Jembe” rhythm. These were base, open, close and temple. The basic “Rasta” rhythm was then introduced then “Mento” followed by “Dancehall”. To participate, all the gentlemen were tapping on the desks to replicate the sounds and some took turns coming to the front to try and play it on the drum itself. At one point, the instructors had the four tables beating separate sounds and the gentlemen were asked to sing a dancehall song.  They even took turns in doing the “LOL” dance move.  The gentlemen were then interested in what career choices they could make doing music and they were informed that music is a wide area including producer, musician, promoter, stage manager among other things.  They were told that music can take you places when one of the instructor shared his experiences and travels.  The gentlemen were encouraged to ensure that whatever they decide to do to ensure that their heart is in it and do it with passion.


Instructed by Don Mills who is a visual artist and some of his work also includes animation.  The gentlemen were challenged with the question, ” when you think about art, what comes to mind or if you could define art, what would you define it as?”  Expression of thoughts was the most common answer.  Mr. Mills then explained that no answer would have been incorrect in this case because how can you define expression or how can you define thought.  He told them that anything in art can be questioned and you need your imagination and the right tools.  They were then put to the test to write down the first three (3) words that come to mind and then asked to draw a picture that represents those three words.  After that session was finished, he then told the gentlemen that people usually perceive things differently and once you have the love for something and the imagination, it can make you millions of dollars.  He encouraged them to develop their passion and believe that they can do it.  He then challenged them to draw another picture but this time with no rules.

The boys were then told to make a circle where Folk Songs were introduced and sang for a few minutes.

Thanks were extended to the Edna Manley Group to which a warm round of applause could be heard.